Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Best Bike Seat for Your Child (1-4 Years Old)

Every once in a while, you find the perfect toy that your kid loves. And by love, I mean your kid plays with it for more than a few weeks without getting bored. These toys are hard to find, but when you come across one, its only fair to share these nuggets of wisdom with your fellow parents.  After all, a great toy is a bit like free baby sitting... in 10 minute chunks of time.

I've created a whole section of this blog called the Shopping List which includes items that my two daughters absolutely love. As I add notable products to this list, I'll post a blog entry with a bit of commentary about why I believe this product caters to that mysterious part of the toddler's brain that governs his/her happiness receptors.

The first product is the iBert front mounted child bike seat.  I purchased this after researching dozens of bike seats to use with my 1 year old daughter.  The iBert is a one-of-a-kind product.  Unlike most otherbike seats you'll find on the market, this once connects directly to the stem of your bike so that your child rides in the front, rather than riding behind you.  As you can image, the scenery up front is much better than that of the rear (which is essentially your back).  Perched high on the bike at handle-bar height, your child is basically at the same level as you, which makes it very easy to have conversations during
your ride.  Also, passerbys can't help but smile and wave at your kid since its so rare to see parent and childriding together like this.

Both my kids absolutely love getting rides on this bike seat.  My 4 year old has just started to outgrow it but she still swoons when we take her out.

  1. The iBert is very safe; in fact, in Europe, its very common to see kids riding in these bike seats.  
  2. Very easy to attach to your bike stem; takes 5 minutes to put on and off
  3. Kids love it!
  4. Works with bikes that have disk brakes since it attaches to the stem of the bike

  1. Since the seat attaches to the stem of the bike, it feels a bit awkward when you're not riding but simply standing with the bike.  To get started, you have to squeeze yourself between the bike seat and your seat.  But you get used it very quickly.
  2. For taller adult riders, I've heard you may have to angle your legs out a bit so that it doesn't hit the back of the bike seat as you pedal.  I think this would apply to any rider at 6 feet or above.  

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