Just for Fun

These two blogs are absolutely hilarious, especially if you are Asian.  So many of these blog posts hit home for me.  And while its funny to laugh it our fobby parents, these blogs reminded me of how lucky I am to have a fobby mother who cares so much. 

Mom calls me asking what I want from In-N-Out Burger.
me: Can you get me the animal-style fries?
Thirty minutes later, mom comes home…
mom: I asked for the doggy-style fries, but I think they ran out because they just started laughing.
Sent: Mon 8/18 12:59 PM
Subject: Garden
O Man,
they are beautiful Julie.
The pictures are real good.
What kind of camera did you use it ?
Julie , I think you need to dye your hair to little darker brown.
pLEASE,pLEASE,Please Julie
Or I pull them off.
bye bye Dad

Sesame Street is utterly genius in this parody of the Old Spice commercial. (10/8/2010) 

Dad Life. This video captures the essence of being a dad perfectly.

A great photomontage by photographer Jason Lee.  Look at the photos carefully so you don't miss some of the truly creative poses.  9/29/2010